Maintain peak performance with your GrillGrates.

Keep your grill clean

Prior to using GrillGrates, clean your grease trap and inspect your burners and flame tents. Remove debris that has accumulated on the ledges that hold your old grates. This will prevent flare-ups from igniting grease and debris in the bottom of your grill.

Tip: Should a grease fire occur, turn off the burners and leave the lid closed until the fire is out. Do not use water to extinguish a grease fire.

Use an onion to season your GrillGrates

One of our favourite tricks is to cut an onion in half and rub down the tops of the rails of clean, hot grates. Onions contain many sulfur compounds that, when heated, create a super-slick, rock-hard surface which is good to 1000°F before it degrades. Onions also contain antibacterial compounds that help keep your GrillGrates safe to cook on.

The first few times cooking on GrillGrates

For the first few times you grill, use grill spray or canola oil sparingly on your GrillGrates. This will become unnecessary over time as your GrillGrates season. Always oil your food before putting it on the grill.

It is best to grill foods with high fat content the first few times you use your GrillGrates. This will aid in the seasoning process and is also a tasty way to break in your new GrillGrates.

Tips: Use an oil with a high smoke point such as canola oil or avocado oil. Do not use extra virgin olive oil since it smokes at 400°F and gets sticky.

Allow your GrillGrates to season

Avoid over cleaning your GrillGrates in the beginning to allow them to season and develop a non-stick coating. We like to compare GrillGrates to a good cast iron pan: seasoning is the key to good food! Your GrillGrates will go from gray to light brown to black over time – this is a good thing!

On-the-grill cleaning

Clean the rails during warm-up with our Grate Valley Grill Brush. Less is more. The technique is more wiping than aggressive brushing. Use the fingers of the GrateTool to keep debris out of the valleys. You can also use a food-safe grill cleaner to keep your GrillGrates in tip top shape.

Tips: Don’t do high heat burn-offs after grilling since this only bakes on debris. Additionally, prolonged exposure to very high heats (850°F +) can warp your GrillGrates over time.

Cleaning Tips

Maximum Heat: 850°F (454°C)

Do not use a dishwasher.

Do not use oven cleaner or harsh caustic cleaners.

Off-the-grill cleaning

For the occasional deep-clean, GrillGrates can be cleaned in the sink or washtub. This method is optional, but can be good for removing heavy marinades and sauces. Soak GrillGrates in hot water and regular dish soap. Use a sponge or scrub pad to scrub your GrillGrates. Blackened surfaces are part of the seasoning process, therefore, deep cleans should only be done occasionally.

Do not use harsh or caustic chemicals (like oven cleaner).
If you have to wear gloves, it’s too strong for your GrillGrates and can pit the aluminum.

Tip: If you over clean your GrillGrates, you will need to re-season them or your food will stick when you grill.

Panels up & Panels down


Use GrillGrates with a few panels right side up and a few panels flipped upside down. Occasionally flipping your GrillGrates will allow them to self-clean. Plus you'll benefit from having an area you can use as a griddle.