Premium Grilling Pellets

Premium Grilling Pellets

Make your best meals even better

All of Georgian Bay Grills Premium Quality Hardwood Grilling Pellet blends are precisely formulated from 100% virgin hardwood. The excellent moisture content of our pellet produces a beautifully balanced smoke flavour to enhance all your meals.

More for less!

That's right! You get more pellets in our bag. And at lesser cost than those other guys. A fantastic value: 22 lbs. (10 kg) for only $19.99!


Our manufacturing process produces a clean burning, ultra-low dust pellet. With absolutely no additives, oils or fillers.

It's all in the bag!

Yes, we think they're great pellets. So they come in a quality, tear and puncture resistant bag to take them home in.

What GBG Pellet Blend should I use?

You can use whichever blend you prefer. They'll make almost any meal better. But you can raise your smoke game by pairing our blends with specific food choices:

Our CANADIAN BLEND is a great go-to blend of maple and oak.
A slightly smoky, slightly sweet flavour that'll enhance almost every food but is great for:

Our APPLE BLEND provides a milder, sweet smoke that is great for:

Our HICKORY BLEND is a more robust, bolder smoke yielding an almost bacon-like flavour.
A full bodied smoke for those savoury delights. Great for:

What else can I do with GBG pellets?

Don't be afraid to experiment! Use our blends for grilling, for smoking, and on a wide variety of foods. You can even mix our three varieties of pellets to create your own custom blend!

GBG pellets are not just for your grill or smoker. You can use them in other wood pellet food appliances like our Pizza Oven!